Let me quickly introduce myself.

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Hi, my name is Mark and I'm an Irish Software Engineer, Photographer and Musician living in Dublin, Ireland. For most of my life I've been passionate about Art, Design, Music and Technology and slightly obsessed with creative expression in general. I tend to feel most alive when I'm working on something creative.

I work for Shopify, as a Senior Front End Developer, where I'm passionate about building tactile experiences, solving problems that matter, and empowering anyone to become an entrepreneur.

I started out my career working both as a designer and developer in parallel - both very different avenues to explore but also very complimentary to one another - front end development in particular. At a certain point, I made an unconcious decision to deviate from UX design and pivot towards engineering but for a couple of years it felt like there was something missing in my life. It took me a couple years to realise that I had sacrificed the creative, expressive aspect of design for a more logical engineering avenue.

Photography and music have been crucial in helping me to regain that which I had lost.

When it comes to photography, I love the ephemeral aspect of it most - trying to capture fleeting moments and abstractions in nature. My second favourite aspect of it is have a reason to explore places I wouldn't necessarily explore otherwise. It has helped me to "see" - not just that which is in front of me, but scenes, angles, gradients, textures etc much more vividly.

To who all who have bought prints, thank you so much for your support. It truly means a lot to me for my work to be worthy of your space.

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